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What is the English name of black tea? , What is the English name of black tea?

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Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is about what is the English name of black tea, so I compiled a related introduction to the English name of black tea What is the answer, let us have a look. English name of black tea? English name of black tea? Black tea called black tea is produced through the steps of picking, withering, rolling, fermenting, and drying; it has one more fermentation process than green tea. Fermentation refers to the oxidation of tea in the air. The fermentation reduces the tea polyphenols and tannins in the tea, and produces new components such as theaflavins and thearubigins, as well as alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, esters, etc. Aromatic substances. Therefore, the tea leaves of black tea are black, or black with orange-yellow buds; the tea soup is dark red; As we all know, China is the birthplace of tea. Long ago, China was the only country that produced tea in the world. At that time, the tea that circulated all over the world was produced in China. The Dutch East India Company (founded in 1610) was the first to introduce tea to Western Europe, but the tea at that time was not black tea, but green tea. Since the Netherlands controlled the tea trade in the world at that time, Britain could only import tea from the Netherlands. In 1669, the United Kingdom established a law prohibiting the import of tea from the Netherlands. At the same time, the Anglo-Dutch War broke out (1652-1674). Britain defeated the Netherlands and seized the right to trade tea. From then on, the tea needed in Britain was directly imported from China. In 1689, Britain set up a base in Xiamen, Fujian Province, China, and purchased a large amount of Chinese tea. Britain drinks more black tea than green tea, and has developed its unique black tea culture, all of which are related to the above-mentioned historical events. Because the tea purchased in Xiamen is Wuyi tea, a semi-fermented black tea, a large amount of Wuyi tea flowed into the UK, replacing the original green tea market, and soon became the mainstream of Western European tea. Wuyi tea is dark in color, so it is called "Black tea (literally translated as black tea). Later, tea experts classified it according to the method of making tea and the characteristics of tea. After brewing, Wuyi tea has red soup and red leaves. black tea. But the British customary name "Black tea" has been inherited and used to refer to black tea. So far, the above is the introduction of the English name of black tea. I hope to introduce what the English name of black tea is. 1 point answer is useful for everyone.

What is the English name of black tea? , What is the English name of black tea?

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