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Is Xiaoqinggan cooked? What is Xiaoqingtang? , Is Xiaoqinggan a Shupu?

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Hi everyone, today the editor has paid attention to a more interesting topic, which is about whether Xiaoqingtang is a Shupu, so the editor has sorted out a related Introduce the answer to Is Xiaoqinggan a Shupu? Let us have a look together. What is Xiaoqinggan? What is Xiaoqinggan? Xinhui Tangerine. The tangerine is named because it grows in the Xinhui area of Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province. It is a national geographical indication product with a clear and unique aroma. Xinhui has a unique climate, with hot and humid days and low temperatures at night. This alternating change of dryness and wetness can accelerate the aging of tangerines and make them rich in citrus fragrance. Birth of a small green mandarin orange that scrapes oil and relieves greasiness A wonderful place like Guangdong is giving birth to a fruit with a wonderful aroma-Xinhui mandarin. Tangerine in August is still green, that is, the baby period of Tangerine, like a young boy who has just emerged, rampant. At this time, the citrus oil secretion is vigorous, with a sharp citrus fragrance, slightly sour, with a unique fresh and citrus fragrance, suitable for making tea. Such a fresh smell can be combined with the mellow Pu'er in a wonderful way, and it becomes the most familiar small green mandarin tea. Pu'er scraping oil, green mandarin relieves greasy, smells fresh, but warm in the mouth, every time you drink this cup, you will feel refreshed! Also very special digestion. In general, older trees produce more tangerine flavors. After picking the tangerines, open the mouth, dig out the pulp, and scrape the inner wall to ensure that the light is transparent, so it is considered clean. Then wash it in water and dry it slightly. The last thing is to fill the tea, which is to stuff the selected Pu'er tea into the dried green mandarin. Why choose Pu'er? Because the mellowness of Pu'er and the sharp citrus green taste are the best match. This is what Xinhui people have tried and researched on many kinds of tea. The quality of citrus puerh tea in Xinhui is uneven, and the well-known small green citrus is filled with Pu'er from Menghai, Yunnan, one of the core producing areas of Pu'er. After filling the tea, it needs to be dried in the sun. It needs to be dried naturally in the sun, and it also needs to be baked at a low temperature, so that the tangerine and tea can be better blended. After the final packaging, it will be a cute little green mandarin orange in everyone's hands. At this point, the above is the introduction to the question of whether the small green mandarin orange is cooked or not. I hope that the one-point answer about whether the small green mandarin is cooked or not will be useful to everyone.

Is Xiaoqinggan cooked? What is Xiaoqingtang? , Is Xiaoqinggan a Shupu?

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